Your company's brand identity should be as groundbreaking as your product.

Even the most disrupting product needs a great brand to get business results.

Even the most disrupting product needs a great brand to get business results.

Your company's brand identity should be as groundbreaking as your product.

Our Expertise

Technology Solutions

Technology solutions by Wilco Global drive innovation across industries. Our comprehensive services encompass data analytics, predictive modeling, automation, and more, optimizing operations for increased efficiency. From exploration to production, clients leverage cutting-edge technologies to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance safety standards.

System Development

Wilco Global offers comprehensive system development solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts collaborates with clients to create custom systems that meet their unique needs. From design and implementation to ongoing support, we ensure our systems are efficient, secure, and scalable to support business growth.

Procurement Solutions

Wilco Global provides innovative procurement solutions for businesses to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our end-to-end procurement services include sourcing, supplier selection, contract management, and analytics. We leverage cutting-edge technology and expertise to help clients optimize their procurement processes and maximize their bottom line.

Supply-Chain Solutions

Wilco Global offers end-to-end supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes, including planning, sourcing, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics management. Using innovative technologies and a vast network of partners, Wilco Global provides clients with real-time visibility, optimization, and automation to streamline their supply chain operations and drive growth.

Beyond Conventional Consulting

Innovative strategy and commerce solutions for SMB's and enterprises.

Advanced industry vertical technology and safety solutions.

Efficient and reliable procurement solutions.

Innovative system development capabilities.

Proximity and collision detection systems for mining.

M&A advisory services and financial analysis.

Business intelligence and data modeling expertise.

High-quality service and delivery.

Our Work History


What services does Wilco Global offer?

Wilco Global is a multidisciplinary technology business consulting company that helps businesses of all sizes build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth, and enhance customer experiences.

What makes Wilco Global unique compared to other companies?

Wilco Global uses innovative strategies to differentiate itself from other companies. Part of this strategy is leveraging its strategic alliances to provide efficient and innovative solutions to clients. As a data-driven firm, Wilco Global makes unbiased decisions that provide highly successful outcomes for companies.

Does Wilco Global have experience in my industry?

Wilco Global has experience working with clients in various industries, including governments, power suppliers, mining, oil and petroleum, automotive, retail, and more.

How does Wilco Global approach system development?

Wilco Global uses its own agile development team to build robust bespoke systems. WG will rely on its partners with technology providers outside of Africa or for specific operational requirements to create and develop custom technology solutions that meet clients' specific needs.